Friday, August 13, 2010

How to Firm up your Butt

So maybe you will never have a J-Lo booty but it never hurts to work on what you do have. With just a bit of effort you can tighten up that behind in no time.

Instructions (3 Steps)

Step 1 - Wanting that perfect butt in a hurry might require you to do a bit of cheating. Butt glue, which is used in pageants and so forth instantly lifts the butt and firms it. Keep in mind this is a temporary fix.

Step 2 - Exercising and watching what you eat is the best route to take in tightening your butt permanently. Squats, walking, and using the exercise ball can work wonders.

Step 3 - Think about implants or buttock augmentation. This is becoming very popular for those wanting a quick fix. This is great for drooping buttocks and those who want to enlarge, lift and shape their butt.

Tips & Warnings

•A great exercise for your butt is a free squat with our without weights..
•Butt lift machines are popular machines at most gyms..
•Before beginning any exercise regimen check with your doctor first..
•Always warm up before you jump right into an exercise routine..

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