Sunday, November 20, 2011

'1 in 10 will suffer from mental illness': Study

The Singapore Mental Health Study, which involved 6,616 people being interviewed last year, has found that while mental illness starts occurring in most people while they are in their 20s, two in three never seek help, and even those who eventually do take years to do so. -- FILE PHOTO

More than one in 10 people in Singapore will be stricken by mental illness in their lifetime, according to a large, new study here.
Many are likely to face depression, the commonest mental illness here. It is projected to affect 170,000 adults, with more women affected than men.

Others may be affected by alcohol abuse or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), an anxiety affliction characterised by obsessions, compulsive rituals, as well as intrusive thoughts and impulses.
These were the top three mental disorders to surface in the $6.9 million Singapore Mental Health Study, in which 6,616 people were interviewed extensively last year.

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