Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kids Can Use Imagination to Lessen Pain: Study

TEHRAN (Press TV) --Children can be taught to use their active imaginations to tackle frequent conditions such as stomach pain, a new study finds.

Functional abdominal pain, frequent abdominal pain with no identifiable cause, is commonly reported in one in every five children.

Previous studies had reported that hypnosis is an effective treatment for such conditions as it can reduce "hypersensitivity."

According to the study published in Pediatrics, "guided imagery" can help alleviate stomach pain in children more effectively than performed standard care.

Guided imagery is a technique, which prompts the subject to imagine things that reduce discomfort. Relaxation-type CDs asking subjects to imagine themselves in scenarios like floating on a cloud is a common tool used in this technique.

"Such self-administered treatment is, of course, very inexpensive and can be used in addition to other treatments, which potentially opens the door for easily enhancing treatment outcomes for a lot of children suffering from frequent stomach aches," said scientists.

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