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Remedies For Menopause

Malaysian Health Journal - Facing the realities of menopause can be most difficult. The changes are inevitable. A menopausal woman may experience insomnia, depression, hot flushes, mood swings, and painful urination. While the menopause years mean coping with these changes, going through this special stage in a woman’s life need not to be lonely.

As mentioned, you don’t have to go through menopause alone. During this period, getting the support and understanding of family members and friends can make a whole world of difference. For a start, you can consult your doctor about menopause.

By learning more about this matter, you are equipped with knowledge on how to handle changes. Your physician may also provide treatment options that will best suit your condition.
One such option is Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT. HRT has been known to alleviate, even eliminate the common menopause symptoms. During menopause, many doctors recommend the intake of synthetic hormones to make up for the decreased estrogen levels. When taken early enough, it can prevent more serious complications like brittle bones, memory loss, and even heart disease.
The routes of administration may be through the mouth, skin patches, gels, creams, or in the form of implants. Estrogens are the principal hormone used in hormone replacement therapy regimen. Women who have had their uterus removed do not usually need any other hormone.
However, nothing is taken without associated risks. Clinical studies have shown that estrogen replacement therapy may increase the risk of developing certain forms of cancer. On the other hand, the addition of the hormone progestin may also decrease this risk of developing cancer of the uterus. Usually, a 14-day course of progestogen will be followed for each cycle.
HRT is also associated with more than a dozen of side effects. For this reason, women who have or at least a history of the following medical conditions are discouraged from having estrogen replacement therapy:

1. Breast, endometrial, ovarian, or uterine cancer
2. Coronary artery disease
3. Deep vein thrombosis or clots in the legs, pelvis
4. Diabetes
5. Gall bladder disease
6. High blood pressure
7. History of uterine fibroids
8. Severe liver disease
9. Migraine
10. Pregnant women
11. Thromboembolic events such as stroke and heart attack1
12. Unexplained vaginal bleeding
Consult your gynecologist to help you consider the risks of HRT and to find the right program for you. While side effects have been documented, nowadays, you can have a program designed to suit your needs. After all, each person is different.
Alternative Methods
For some women, the setbacks associated with hormone replacement therapy are just too much that they prefer a more natural alternative. One popular example is Menozac, a botanical formula of vitamin E, black cohosh root, soy seed, damiana leaf and other herbs that contain phytoestrogen--natural compounds that are very much similar with estrogen. They replace estrogen in the bloodstream, which is why it will also help alleviate the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, anxiety, and vaginal dryness to name a few. On the plus side, Menozac is a natural remedy to menopause hence it has lesser risks compared to estrogen therapy.
Several studies have also proven the efficiency of Menozac making it earn its reputation as the leading natural alternative for menopause relief to hormonal replacement therapy for menopausal women. But while the herbs included in Menozac will help relieve the symptoms, it does not, however, prevent the cessation of menstrual activity. Hormonal levels inside a woman will still continue to reduce, but the unhealthy side effects will be eliminated.
Along with the intake of medication, it is also essential for a woman to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and diet. Women at menopause have an increased risk of fractures caused by osteoporosis. Experts say that to combat brittle bones, postmenopausal women taking hormone replacement need 1,000 milligrams of elemental calcium daily, whereas women not taking hormones 1,500 milligrams of calcium that can be derived from dairy products and dark green leafy vegetables.
See? There are a number of ways in dealing with aging. The decision to go with the natural flow of things is always in your hands. And making such important decision can keep your life on track. Just imagine the possibilities--you remain productive minus the unexpected and annoying symptoms to ruin your day. Additionally, you will also look and feel better too.
Once you are aware that menopause should not necessarily pause you from the life you wanted to experience, that there is definitely something you can do about it, then you are on your way to enjoying a more fruitful and rewarding life. Nevertheless, menopausal period can mark the beginning of the best years of your life.

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