Monday, July 25, 2011

Marijuana: Signs, Detection and Treatment

marijuana leaf
Marijuana is perhaps the most widely used drug out there. many drug abusers have admitted to have used marijuana first before trying any other drug, thus it has been known as a “gateway drug,” a term which is heavily contested by medical marijuana advocates.
Signs of Marijuana Use
External signs of marijuana use on a person are quite obvious. It may slow down motor functions and may affect mental functions; usually leading to slowed reaction time, slurred speech with a confused disposition. This is due to the effect of marijuana to a person’s brain. It is not uncommon for a marijuana user to tend to be in a state of altered perception and he would probably have red bloodshot and sunken eyes. Perhaps the most obvious sign is the marijuana’s distinct smell when it is burned or smoked. It easily stays within a room or on one’s clothing.

Detection and Treatment for Marijuana

Hair follicle drug testing can detect marijuana use for as long as six months depending on the person’s drug detection times. Treatment for marijuana on a person would depend on one’s lifestyle and level of drug use. Unlike most drugs, marijuana withdrawal is less intense and easier to manage. Some would require to be enrolled in a rehabilitation center while others can just quit on their own. But it always better to join support groups to aid with the psychological baggage. Withdrawal symptoms include headaches, depression, drug cravings, irritability, restlessness and loss of appetite.

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