Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tea Can Keep Breast Cancer at Bay

TEHRAN, Jan 26 (FNA)- Drinking tea on a daily basis and particularly at moderately high levels can lower the risk of developing breast cancer in young women.

According to a study conducted by Moffitt Cancer Center, drinking three cups of tea every day cuts the risk of breast cancer by one-third.

It also places young women 66 percent less likely to develop invasive lobular breast cancer - an uncommon type of breast cancer which accounts for 10-15% of breast cancers.

While drinking tea reduces the risk of developing a tumor by 37 percent in women younger than 50, older women did not benefit from drinking similar amounts of tea.

Scientists believe the high content of polyphenols found in tea is responsible for its anti-cancer properties.

Previous studies had reported several health benefits for tea, particularly green tea, including a lower risk of heart attack and stroke, lower blood cholesterol levels and improved blood pressure levels. -- Kayhan International

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