Monday, July 20, 2009

Mama Sutra online sex tips

MOTHER knows best - which is why the nation's mums have given the Kama Sutra sex manual an online make-over.

In a bid to rekindle the love-lives of Britain's parents they've come up with the Mama Sutra, a modern take on the good-time guide.

The fight-back follows a shock survey by the parenting website Netmums which revealed that most parents have sex less than once a week and fewer that one in four couples make love twice a week or more.

One new mum says: "Your sex drive is like your memory - use it or lose it! It might be a bit frightening at first and things will have changed."


She adds: "To be honest, your other half will probably be so grateful to be getting any that he won't care if you have a few wobbly bits or leaky boobs.

"The longer you leave it, the harder it is to get things back on track - so get back on that bike and ride!!!"

Another says: "Be selfish!"

"As long as baby is safe, warm, sleeping forget them for a while and think about what you and your partner need, usually sleep, but turn off the TV and do something more interesting instead."

Get touchy and turn to technology. suggests one mum: "We always have massages, we talk about our fantasies, however wild, and my husband works abroad quite a bit so we spice it up with sexy texts! That tends to keep us going!"

And if you haven't already booked a special Valentine night take a hint.

"If things are feeling a bit stale and unaffectionate between me and my partner, I suggest we go out together, just the two of us. For dinner, cinema, pub, etc. We dress up all smart and try to look our best and enjoy each other's company - feels like a first date! Then we come back, to a child-free home if possible, and have really loud passionate sex! The next day it feels like we've fallen in love all over again!"

Here are some more of their suggestions on keeping it steamy:

"Take your moments when you can, embrace the quickie and don't restrict yourself to the bedroom once the babies/kids are asleep!"

"Make sex a date. It's easy to be too tired or too busy to be spontaneous, but if you've planned to have sex on Tuesday night then sex then it will happen. It may seem a little strange to begin with but spontaneous or not the sex will still be enjoyable. Make the most of opportune moments, like the grandparents taking the children to the park for half and hour on Sunday morning."

What if the kids walk in?

"Our son overheard us! I told him Daddy dropped some money behind his chest of drawers and we were trying to move it. It was very heavy!"

"We told her we were playing a game when she walked in on us, trouble is she climbed onto my partners back so she could play too!"

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